5 Ways to Create Your Own DIY Backyard Furniture

5 Ways to Create Your Own DIY Backyard Furniture

Create an oasis that is true to your creative nature!

The furniture that you choose to decorate your outdoor space with says a lot about you. It gives others a glimpse into your style and preferences. It allows them to be a part of your creative vision especially if you opt to make the furniture yourself. You’re telling others that you can see past the original purpose of an object to recycle and repurpose it into something new to enjoy.

Five ways to create your own DIY backyard furniture include:

  1. Using pallets. Easy to acquire and very versatile, wooden shipping pallets can be cut down, built-up, and used in a number of ways to create sturdy outdoor furniture. One look at websites such as Pinterest and Instructables provides you with inspiration galore. You can easily layer pallets, too, making sturdier and taller furniture based on your needs.
  2. Repurposing tires. Rubber is incredibly durable and makes excellent material for seating. You can use old tires to make swings or even weave together pieces of it to form the base of the chairs you keep outside on your patio or deck. Rubber does dry out and become brittle when exposed to extreme sunlight. If using tires for furniture, it’s best to place them in the shade where they won’t be exposed to harsh temperatures.
  3. Reclaiming wood. Any old piece of wood can be converted into an incredible new piece of furniture. Examples of this include barn wood which can be transformed into a bench, a potting table or shelf for keeping plants. Any type of wood will do. It can come from a downed tree, driftwood or even an old building you loved and admired. Whatever the case may be, think about how you’ll make it more weather-resistant. If you don’t want to do much to alter the look of old wood, you can apply a clear sealant to keep rain and snow from causing it to buckle.
  4. Utilizing old wire spools. Utility companies often give them away for free so they’re not required to dispose of them.  They make great tables because they can be painted or left just as they are when you first got them. Old spools can be cut in half, too, and used as the base for stools and circular benches.
  5. Welding together different types of metal. If you possess the talent, training, and tools, you can take different types of metal and weld them together to create eclectic furniture using items that other people typically would discard or sell for scrap. Metal is sturdy and typically rust-proof, making it perfect for outdoor settings even in areas of the country subject to four seasons.

Spruce up your backyard with the right furniture and lighting. By carefully crafting each piece using your own two hands, you know you’ll enjoy it more than you would if you were to buy it from a retailer. The furniture has sentimental meaning because it was made by you. You’ll love showing off your patio or gazebo, its contents, and your outdoor string lights to others visiting your home.

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  • Caroline McNally