Bold and Beautiful Backyard Lighting Ideas to Try Today

Bold and Beautiful Backyard Lighting Ideas to Try Today

Illuminate your outdoor oasis with the addition of outdoor string lights or decorative solar lights.

The right backyard lighting creates a warm glow that commands attention. It takes what would be an entirely dark space and illuminates it. Mood lighting serves as the backdrop for special occasions such as birthday parties and summer barbecues as well as lazy evenings outdoors with family and friends.

So, how does one go about buying backyard lighting for the first time? Are there things they should know about how to create the right amount of ambiance in a space? What about different types of lights and their uses? How do you set the tone for an incredibly tranquil experience outdoors? You experiment until you get it right!

Let There Be Light!

Here are some bold and beautiful backyard lighting ideas to try today:

  • To illuminate your garden. You can use outdoor pathway lighting to mark a path or set up a perimeter around your plants. That way, people see them clearly without trampling your garden. Another idea is to use backyard string lights with plants such as English Ivy which is very dense. You can create a warm and inviting glow over your flower bed with very little effort.
  • To hang over your hammock. If you have a canopy of tree branches hanging over your premiere relaxing spot, you can add lights to them as a way of giving your tranquil space a soft glow. Reading your favorite novel into the night isn’t a problem with outdoor hanging lights. It’s much like reading a book under the covers with a flashlight.
  • To greet guests on your patio. String lights can be hung at any height, creating a look that you love instantly. If you have handrails around your patio that you want to give a facelift, a new coat of paint and string lights do the trick. They’re an affordable addition to any outdoor space.
  • To create separate spaces. If you want to divide your yard into different areas or quadrants, you can do so easily with backyard lights. Pathway lights, in particular, are best because they can be placed in the ground to create a sort of fence for the space. If you want to draw attention to one area of the yard while leaving it completely open in another space, you can do so with ease.

Transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis of peace and tranquility. Light has an incredible way of warming a space and making it feel more relaxed and inviting. If you spend a great deal of time entertaining guests, you’ll love making light a part of your outdoor atmosphere. Even after the sun has gone down for the day, you can continue to enjoy your backyard by entertaining your family, friends, and neighbors.

Experiment with the Placement of Lights for Best Results

Now that you’ve gotten suggestions on ways to use your lights, it’s time for the experimental phase of the equation. You may find after planning places to put up the string lights or decorative solar lights that it’s all wrong. That’s okay because you can always change things up by moving the lights around or omitting them from one location altogether. So let's get those lights up!

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