Creative Lighting Tips for Your Outdoor Photography

Creative Lighting Tips for Your Outdoor Photography

Enhance the quality of the pictures you take through the use of string lights.


It’s doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or professional photographer. One thing is certain. The right lighting changes everything!

Photogs of all skill levels seek the perfect light wherever they go. They plan their shoots around the Golden Hour, use selfie rings and light stands to create the perfect glow, and even get wildly creative with string lights which is an idea we’re going to explore today.

What are String Lights?

In case you’ve never used them before, we owe you an explanation as to what they are. String lights are arranged on a continuous string that can be affixed to a wall or surface as a way to add ambiance to a space. Bulbs can be small or large, but we’ve found that larger bulbs supply a brighter glow in darkened settings.

How to Use String Lights to Make Your Outdoor Photos Stand Out

With photography, experimentation is necessary. The more you practice with the light sources you’ve chosen to work with, the better you’ll get at using them. This is especially true if you’ve not worked a lot with artificial lighting outdoors.

Some creative lighting tips for your outdoor photography include:

  1. Using lights as part of the backdrop for portraits. Rather than use the lighting to create an effect, make it part of the actual backdrop. Having the bulbs hanging down in the photos looks cool and interesting.
  2. Hanging lights from a tree to create a canopy. The light source is directly above people which is similar to the lighting you find indoors. You’ll be able to work with the different settings on your camera to capture the perfect photos with minimum editing required.
  3. Defining space through the inclusion of lights. Lights can create the perfect juxtaposition between light and dark. If you love the look of shadows in photography, you’ll enjoy keeping some areas of the yard well-lit while keeping other areas darker.
  4. Placing lights in a flower bed or bush to light up the landscaping. It’s a quick and easy lighting effect that looks phenomenal. It also adds to the ambiance of an outdoor event by making it look and feel special.
  5. To create a pattern that can be seen in your photos. At 50 feet, our string lights provide you with lots of bulbs to work with. You can create a pattern to use in the photos that becomes as much a part of the landscaping as your outbuildings, garden, and pool.

This is a sample of what can be done with string lights. Versatile and dynamic, they stand out in photos. The lights become part of the background or are used in a way to illuminate their subjects.

Backyard Lighting Perfect for Late-Night Photography

Enhance the quality of your photos with soft, diffused lights. String lights provide you with a warm glow perfect for outdoor photography. When the sun sets and you’re trying to tell a story with your camera, know that you’ll be able to do more outside thanks to your choice in backyard lighting.

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