Picture-Perfect Party Lighting for Your Next Soirée

Picture-Perfect Party Lighting for Your Next Soirée

Set the tone with creative light projects that are sure to appeal to guests.

The perfect party setting invites fun, creativity, and entertainment into a space where the ideas can co-mingle the same way that guests do. Every detail matters when planning the event of the year whether it be a milestone birthday or graduation celebration. One of the things that many party planners forget about is lighting and how it ties into the theme by creating a mood for the soirée.

Creative Lighting Projects That Enhance Photography

The following list of creative light projects are easy to complete and add flair to your outdoor setting. Decide which ideas are fitting for your party and give them a try. You’ll find plenty of detailed instruction and ideas on the internet.

People will want to take photos of the event. These DIY lighting projects allow you to express your creativity while lending a special something to the theme you picked out for the party. Allow yourself to try ideas you never thought of before as a form of creative expression and watch your vision play out light-by-light.

Mason Jar Light Centerpieces

Party string lights are also known as fairy lights because of the soft glow they emit. Among the easiest crafts you can create utilizes Mason Jars or other types of transparent vessels. Rather than hang the lights, you place them in the jar or container and turn them on. Placing the centerpieces throughout the outdoor space on tables adds light and creates a sense of warmth and comfort. It’s a great way to direct focus to a particular area of a display or the yard, too!

The Lighted Pathway

Solar lights are easy to place in a yard and can create different pathways leading to your home, pool or patio depending on where you’re planning on having the party that you’re throwing. They cast a soft white light and can even be arranged in shapes if you have enough of them on hand. Explore the different ways that decorative solar lights can be used outside by experimenting with their arrangements. You can try shapes such as circles, squares, triangles, hearts, and even peace signs.

A Lighted Backdrop

If you have a photo booth set up, you’ll want a backdrop that shows up well after the sun has gone down. A sheer piece of fabric or curtain panel works well with a string of lit bulbs. It’s aesthetically pleasing as well as practical because it keeps people from needing to use the harsh flash on their camera phones. It’s easy to create, install, and remove, too, making it the perfect party-pleaser throughout the year.

Seeing Things in a Different Light

Going forward, your guests will be in awe at how inventive you are while decorating for parties and yo

u’ll see party string lights and decorative solar lights in a brand-new way. Full of style and potential, let each inspire your next creative project as, with bulb string lights and outdoor pathway lighting, you’re able to achieve the precise look and feel that you are hoping for.

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