Cool Garden Décor Using Salvaged Goods

Cool Garden Décor Using Salvaged Goods

One person’s trash is another gardener’s treasure!

One look at Pinterest is all it takes to find incredibly creative garden ideas using salvaged goods. Pinning them, however, doesn’t make them part of your outdoor setting. You actually need to make the project to be able to appreciate it in all its glory. Do it long enough and you’ll never see trash the same way once again.

To get you started with your own outdoor lighting ideas and repurposed garden décor, we’ve come up with a list containing a few projects for your consideration. We’re not going into the specifics but rather giving you an overview of the things you can repurpose into new and impressive works of art to enhance the quality, appearance, and function of your garden.

Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose or Recycle

Environmentalism and gardening go hand-in-hand. You can live a green lifestyle and have a green thumb. It makes complete sense!

Considering how Earth-friendly repurposing is, we’ve come up with a list of the coolest repurposed items we’ve found online to-date:

  • Non-traditional flower beds. From old truck and tractor tires to antique wheelbarrows, where you plant your garden adds to the aesthetic of the space. Start thinking of the different receptacles you have to choose from. How can you plant something inside of it? Cleaned out food cans, paint cans, and ceramic coffee cups make great planters if you’re able to drill some holes in them for drainage. They’re good for plants such as cactuses and succulents who need little maintenance as well.
  • Wooden pallets. There’s nothing you can’t do with a piece of already-assembled wood. Pallets are versatile and sturdy. You can build furniture out of them or even use them to mount outdoor lights as a way of creating a sort of wall of illumination. Wood pallets are easy to stain and paint, too, giving you limitless options for personalization. They’re also lightweight and fairly easy to attach together or secure into place on a wall.
  • Broken dishes. Mosaic stepping-stones are fun to make and add so much character to a garden. Best of all, they don’t need to cost you a fortune to create. By using the broken dishes that you have or buying odd pieces from garage sales and secondhand stores, you’re able to come up with visually appealing patterns rather easily.

There are creative ideas awaiting you with every piece of salvage you run across. The only thing stopping you is your imagination. You can have a beautiful, well-lit garden with style and personality easily and affordably.


Give Old Things a New Lease on Life By Reinventing Them

Before you throw it away, find a way to salvage it and use it in your illuminated and whimsical garden. There are so many creative ideas waiting to take shape outside your imagination. Use the ideas listed above as a starting point and see what happens. You’ll find it increasingly difficult to part with items who have surpassed their original lifespan because you’ll think of new and amazing ways to repurpose and use them again.

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Best Backyard Plants for People Who Don't Have a Green Thumb

Best Backyard Plants for People Who Don't Have a Green Thumb

Look like a master gardener even when you’re not.

If you’ve always wanted a backyard garden but didn’t feel capable of caring for the plants it contains, never fear! There are options that exist for people who are not expert gardeners to choose from. In fact, these hearty varieties of plants thrive with little help from you. That means that you can do what you do best, ignore them, and not suffer the consequences of a brown, dying garden.

Hearty, Low-Maintenance Plants for You to Consider

Low-maintenance outdoor plants share common characteristics. They’re plentiful and require little attention. They look fantastic and can be sectioned off using outdoor solar lights for a look that surprises and excites.

Here are some of the best backyard plants for people who don’t have a green thumb:

  • English Lavender. Beautiful and fragrant, this flowering plant has many uses. You can collect its flowers to use in bouquets or dry them out and create sachets that fill your home with lavender’s sensational and soothing scent.
  • Lily of the Nile. Another flowering plant, Agapanthus, also known as Lily of the Nile, is abundant. It grows best in Zones 6 to 10. The flowers on this plant liven up any outdoor space quickly.
  • Chrysanthemum. Available in a variety of colors, this flowering plant grows best in late summer and fall. The flowers are white, gold, rust, burgundy or pink depending on which you like best and want to include in your outdoor garden.
  • Feather Reed Grass. Ornamental grass requires little attention. When planted in spring, it has time to flourish in summer. This variety of ornamental grass is best for Zones 4 through 9. Each zone has a different way that you should plant it, though.
  • Hosta. A premium shade provider, this plant requires no real effort to start or keep up with year-round. Simply pruning its dead branches after the first hard frost of the season takes place is all it needs to come back to life in the spring. This plant’s leaves range in color from light green to blue, evoking a sense of calm in your tranquil garden.
  • Black-Eyed Susans. Brilliantly yellow-colored and easy to care for, this plant requires nothing more than you to ‘deadhead’ the dried-out flowers. That way, you’ll have no problem growing a new batch of the Rudbeckia in the spring. If you want to add color to a seemingly average backyard, this is the plant that will do it for you.

How well these plants do outdoors have a lot to do with your region. Consider the weather conditions that are prevalent in your area of the country. If a plant requires regular watering and you live in a hot, dry location, you can count on your garden needing a lot of TLC.

Plant Wisely and Enjoy Greenery Year-Round

You don’t need to have a green thumb to have a beautiful garden. In fact, knowing which plants thrive under the most extreme conditions is ideal. It means that you’ll have little maintenance to complete to keep your garden looking its best throughout the season. The plants listed above essentially take care of themselves which is great if you’re not the gardening type.

  • Angela O
Bold and Beautiful Backyard Lighting Ideas to Try Today

Bold and Beautiful Backyard Lighting Ideas to Try Today

Illuminate your outdoor oasis with the addition of outdoor string lights or decorative solar lights.

The right backyard lighting creates a warm glow that commands attention. It takes what would be an entirely dark space and illuminates it. Mood lighting serves as the backdrop for special occasions such as birthday parties and summer barbecues as well as lazy evenings outdoors with family and friends.

So, how does one go about buying backyard lighting for the first time? Are there things they should know about how to create the right amount of ambiance in a space? What about different types of lights and their uses? How do you set the tone for an incredibly tranquil experience outdoors? You experiment until you get it right!

Let There Be Light!

Here are some bold and beautiful backyard lighting ideas to try today:

  • To illuminate your garden. You can use outdoor pathway lighting to mark a path or set up a perimeter around your plants. That way, people see them clearly without trampling your garden. Another idea is to use backyard string lights with plants such as English Ivy which is very dense. You can create a warm and inviting glow over your flower bed with very little effort.
  • To hang over your hammock. If you have a canopy of tree branches hanging over your premiere relaxing spot, you can add lights to them as a way of giving your tranquil space a soft glow. Reading your favorite novel into the night isn’t a problem with outdoor hanging lights. It’s much like reading a book under the covers with a flashlight.
  • To greet guests on your patio. String lights can be hung at any height, creating a look that you love instantly. If you have handrails around your patio that you want to give a facelift, a new coat of paint and string lights do the trick. They’re an affordable addition to any outdoor space.
  • To create separate spaces. If you want to divide your yard into different areas or quadrants, you can do so easily with backyard lights. Pathway lights, in particular, are best because they can be placed in the ground to create a sort of fence for the space. If you want to draw attention to one area of the yard while leaving it completely open in another space, you can do so with ease.

Transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis of peace and tranquility. Light has an incredible way of warming a space and making it feel more relaxed and inviting. If you spend a great deal of time entertaining guests, you’ll love making light a part of your outdoor atmosphere. Even after the sun has gone down for the day, you can continue to enjoy your backyard by entertaining your family, friends, and neighbors.

Experiment with the Placement of Lights for Best Results

Now that you’ve gotten suggestions on ways to use your lights, it’s time for the experimental phase of the equation. You may find after planning places to put up the string lights or decorative solar lights that it’s all wrong. That’s okay because you can always change things up by moving the lights around or omitting them from one location altogether. So let's get those lights up!

  • Angela O
Picture-Perfect Party Lighting for Your Next Soirée

Picture-Perfect Party Lighting for Your Next Soirée

Set the tone with creative light projects that are sure to appeal to guests.

The perfect party setting invites fun, creativity, and entertainment into a space where the ideas can co-mingle the same way that guests do. Every detail matters when planning the event of the year whether it be a milestone birthday or graduation celebration. One of the things that many party planners forget about is lighting and how it ties into the theme by creating a mood for the soirée.

Creative Lighting Projects That Enhance Photography

The following list of creative light projects are easy to complete and add flair to your outdoor setting. Decide which ideas are fitting for your party and give them a try. You’ll find plenty of detailed instruction and ideas on the internet.

People will want to take photos of the event. These DIY lighting projects allow you to express your creativity while lending a special something to the theme you picked out for the party. Allow yourself to try ideas you never thought of before as a form of creative expression and watch your vision play out light-by-light.

Mason Jar Light Centerpieces

Party string lights are also known as fairy lights because of the soft glow they emit. Among the easiest crafts you can create utilizes Mason Jars or other types of transparent vessels. Rather than hang the lights, you place them in the jar or container and turn them on. Placing the centerpieces throughout the outdoor space on tables adds light and creates a sense of warmth and comfort. It’s a great way to direct focus to a particular area of a display or the yard, too!

The Lighted Pathway

Solar lights are easy to place in a yard and can create different pathways leading to your home, pool or patio depending on where you’re planning on having the party that you’re throwing. They cast a soft white light and can even be arranged in shapes if you have enough of them on hand. Explore the different ways that decorative solar lights can be used outside by experimenting with their arrangements. You can try shapes such as circles, squares, triangles, hearts, and even peace signs.

A Lighted Backdrop

If you have a photo booth set up, you’ll want a backdrop that shows up well after the sun has gone down. A sheer piece of fabric or curtain panel works well with a string of lit bulbs. It’s aesthetically pleasing as well as practical because it keeps people from needing to use the harsh flash on their camera phones. It’s easy to create, install, and remove, too, making it the perfect party-pleaser throughout the year.

Seeing Things in a Different Light

Going forward, your guests will be in awe at how inventive you are while decorating for parties and yo

u’ll see party string lights and decorative solar lights in a brand-new way. Full of style and potential, let each inspire your next creative project as, with bulb string lights and outdoor pathway lighting, you’re able to achieve the precise look and feel that you are hoping for.

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