About Us

Our Company

Outdoor Lighting Store is a family owned and operated business founded by people who want to share their passion for creativity with people who need top aesthetic yet affordable decorative solutions for their outdoor space or event.

Having used outdoor lighting products in our personal landscape design projects so much, led us to the conclusion that top of the line equipment at an affordable price was practically impossible to come by. Well, that ignited the spark.

What really put us into action, however, is the fact that we love what we do. We put time and effort in order to proudly present the best possible result, suitable for every occasion. We have an eye for designing incredible outdoor spaces people absolutely fall in love with, by using various lighting products to enhance those projects and really make them appealing and effective.

Showcasing Our Uniqueness

Having acquired tons of experience by successfully designing hundreds of different outdoor spaces for clients in our other business, tasks which required specific details and adjustments, was the determining factor that acted as our own driving force and led us to start Outdoor Lighting Store.

Our Quality Standards

Being a stickler for detail and efficiency ourselves, we thoroughly vet our suppliers to make sure that we provide our customers with first class quality and long-lasting products. All of our products are carefully inspected and tested before shipment, to ensure that the product you receive is in top condition.

Always Here For You

Our passion for perfection is what really makes us stand out. Something that stems from our desire to offer the best customer experience. This is why our customer service will go above and beyond to ensure each one of you is completely satisfied with your purchase, and, if need be, we’ll happily work with you to make sure that any possible issue is resolved to your complete satisfaction.

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